tiny flags

I saw this post on iDiY a while back about doing crafty things with the insides of security envelopes.  Kinda neat.  Because I get a lot of bills.  And blue and gray are my two favorite colors.  I started saving the envelopes and took them apart during a really slow day at work.

Today I finally sat down at the kitchen table with my supplies and got to work.

What did I make?  Flags!  It’s a pretty straight-forward project.  Cut out a long rectangle from your security envelope paper, fold in half, swipe with a glue stick and fold around the non-pointy end of a wooden skewer.  I ended up also using a medium-sized glue dot right at the fold because my glue stick was old and the flags weren’t really staying stuck to the stick.  If you have this problem I highly recommend a glue dot.  Worked like magic.

Shall we see a before?

 Pretty sad huh?  In the spring and summer I like to put fresh flowers in those vases but since there aren’t any flowers places in my neighborhood and its a pain to bring them home on the train, I wanted something different.  Enter tiny flags!

So much happier, right?  Even AK liked them!  It’s probably only a matter of time before one of the cats notice and start chewing on them but since the project took about 30 minutes it won’t be the end of the world to make some more.