a tale of two blankets

If you’re going to bring a baby into this world, the least I can do is knit you a blanket.  At least if I’m related to you.  AK’s sister and my brother both had children this year, about a month apart. This meant lots of knitting for me.  As per my usual procrastination, I started both blankets far later than I should have and was rushing at the end to finish.

Baby 1’s blanket was my first foray into crochet.  Everyone always tells me that crochet is faster than knitting so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try it out.  I chose an easy pattern, the Baby Ripple Afghan (free on the Lion Brand website) and went to it.  I guess I am just not a very fast crochet-er because I felt like this one took forever.  And while as a beginner I was smart to choose a simple pattern, I was also incredibly bored after about 10 rows.  I powered through (barely) and got this to Baby 1 shortly after he was born.  I would have liked to made it just a bit longer but I just didn’t have the time.

With Baby 2’s blanket I stuck with knitting, something I’m much more comfortable with.  I wanted a pattern that would be easy enough to memorize but interesting enough not to get bored.  I found it in the Sweetheart Baby Blanket from the Easy Knit Baby Blankets Collection 2.  Is this not the cutest baby blanket pattern you’ve ever seen?  The other two patterns in the collection are pretty as well so I can definitely see myself making them for future babies and getting my money’s worth.  I love this blanket so much.  I finished knitting it the morning of the baby shower (post baby), hence the rushed photo session on my grandmother’s kitchen table.

I made both blankets out of Lion Brand’s Baby’s First.  I am obsessed with this yarn.  It is perfect baby yarn – 55% Acrylic and 45% Cotton, wonderfully smooshy and soft, and so lovely to knit with (and knits up quick!).  It’s one of my favorite vegan yarns.  I wish they made it in more “non-baby” colors because I’d probably use it for every future knitting project.


4 thoughts on “a tale of two blankets

  1. Amanda – I’m STILL working on a ripple blanket I started crocheting 2 years ago. It’s going to be HUGE though, I think big enough for a queen sized bed? With larger yarn and a bigger hook, I could have finished this a loooong time ago. (For example, I made two tiny blankets for my parents’ cats in about 4 hours because I stuck with the larger yarn/hook idea.)

    • Oh man, I believe you. I bought about 12 skeins of yarn to make a huge ripple blanket for myself when I started the baby blanket and I haven’t even touched it because I know that blanket would take me about 4 years. I want to see yours when you’re done though!

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