cheap laundry part II

Want to know another cheap laundry tip?

I used to use dryer sheets (like I think most people do) to ensure my clothing and sheets come out static free – until I realized that most dryer sheets contain animal products.  The stuff that makes your clothing not-so-clingy is usually tallow.  And while I’m sure there are dryer sheets out there that don’t contain a ton of chemicals and perfumes and even the animal ingredients, it still doesn’t change the fact they are expensive and that you have to keeeeep buying them.

Instead, I started using this:

Two or three balls of rolled up aluminum foil.  And it really works!  My clothing comes out static-free, without funky perfumes.  After a load or two the foil balls do shrink up a bit but I keep using them until they look really ragged and start falling apart.  Or, my cats steal them and chase them under the dresser.  The balls last a long time though, and clearly, I buy cheap aluminum foil.


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