I love living in nyc

Last weekend A and I went to the Film Forum to see Michael Haneke’s new movie, The White Ribbon.  After buying our tickets early we had an awesome pizza dinner and took a nice little walk through the west village. Back near the movie theater, we stumbled on a store called Alphaville Vintage that sold all sorts of fun vintage toys and goodies.  Everything was on sale as well because sadly, the store was going out of business.  Here’s what we walked out with:

A Horshack folder for AK, musical cigars, a grabbing koala, a cute cat birthday flip book (not vintage but still neat! and pictured upside down. gah.), vintage dog stickers, and an Adlai Stevenson tie clip.

Seriously how fun are these?! We haven’t opened them up yet but I imagine they are like kazoos!  I’m so happy about these.

Dog stickers and the back of the Horshack folder complete with many Horshack quotes.

Possibly the best thing we bought – A vintage Adlai Stevenson campaign TIE CLIP that changes to show his face and then “Vote Adlai.”  Yes, we are history dorks.  Yes, we have a small vintage political campaign pin collection.

It looks like they are putting their inventory online so if you’re interested in any of the things I got along with loads of other neat stuff, check them out here: Alphaville Vintage.  The man running the shop was extremely sweet and I’d go back in a second if we hadn’t found it as they was closing.  There were lots of larger toys and vintage goodies for sale as well including an adorable circus-themed bedside lamp from the 50’s that spun that I not so secretly wanted to buy.


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